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Beyond the Couch with Dr. Sally Nazari

Feb 12, 2018

Welcome to Beyond the Couch, a show devoted to celebrating you in your amazing life.

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Be sure to get an intro to Mindfulness with my cheat sheet and bonus audio sample here:



Mindfulness is the awareness of the present experience without judgment and it can shift our experiences! One of the key elements of Mindfulness is practicing the non-judgmental stance. Judgments are often difficult for us to notice and sometimes even more difficult for us to shake. They are not always bad - they can be useful! For example,  they allow us to have quick descriptions by creating simple categories and they offer fast, shorthand ways of describing preferences and consequences. At times we do need to make judgments veryquickly in order to act. 

Sometimes, though, judgments get in the way of us really acting in ways that serve our best interests. Judgments have a tendency to distract us from what's actually happening so they might replace facts. When we are judging, we stop observing or becoming aware and noticing what's going on for us. Also, judgments often feed negative emotions like a guilt or shame. 

I offer some tips on how to let go of judgment so that you can free yourself up for greater clarity, improved relationships, and lessened pain!


Resources Mentioned:

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