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Beyond the Couch with Dr. Sally Nazari

Feb 22, 2018

Welcome to Beyond the Couch, a show devoted to celebrating you in your amazing life.

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Ellis Edmunds joins me to talk about the ways that we struggle with being kind to ourselves. We tap into the barriers for compassion, kindness, and love to ourselves as well as some ways that we can help to share more loving kindness to ourselves so that we can really soar and shine in the life that we want to celebrate!

Ellis Edmunds is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Oakland, CA.  He specializes in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help teens and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.  He is passionate about mindfulness and self-compassion practices and gives workshops on mindfulness and self-compassion for teachers and employees.  He has also created two therapeutic games: The Mindful Bus and Drop the Rope.  In his free time you can find him playing basketball, Taiko drumming, and enjoying time with his family and friends.

He offers us these tips for getting started in treating ourselves with more kindness: 
-Treat yourself like you would treat a beloved pet
-Recognize what barriers you have to self-love
-Mindfulness meditation is a great practice for directing our attention back to our body, heart, and mind.

-Practice, practice, practice.  The more you practice self-love, the more of a healthy habit it becomes.

Resources Mentioned:

I would love to hear the ways that you started being kinder to yourself today so that you felt even more supported, loved, and celebrated in your life! Be sure to share with us in our social media communities listed below so we can celebrate with you!