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Beyond the Couch with Dr. Sally Nazari

Feb 1, 2018

Welcome to Beyond the Couch, a show devoted to celebrating you in your amazing life.

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Be sure to get an intro to Mindfulness with my cheat sheet and bonus audio sample here:


Rebecca Wong is a relationship therapist, consultant, and cohost of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast. She's also the creator of Connectfulness, a research-based practice that encourages you to explore and embrace every aspect of your humanity – including everything that’s marvelous and all that’s messy.

Rebecca has discovered that the meaning we make of our life’s story is where it all comes together. But staying engaged in the process of discovering that meaning –  that is often our greatest challenge. So she invites her clients to get curious about what works and what doesn't to make space for compassion, intimacy and the ability to slow down and capture the littlest moments. 

Rebecca believes that when you truly see yourself, you create the ripple that allows you to be the change you wish to see in the world - and that invites everyone around you to do the same. And she dreams that we can collectively learn, grow and lean into the possibility of leaving behind a more resilient and compassionate planet then we were born into.

Rebecca practices as an LCSW-R in NY's Hudson Valley where she also resides with her husband, their spunky children and a handful of four legged furry mischief makers. 

To help us build and nurture those unshakeable connections that enhance our lives, Rebecca gave us four steps: 

1. Practice NOTICING what you're feeling and what you need

2. Practice NAMING those feelings and needs

3. Practice AWARENESS so that you can see what to do differently 

4. Practice KINDNESS to yourself and each other

Resources Mentioned: 

I would love to hear what experiences you have about nurturing those unshakeable connections so that you can better celebrate your life! Be sure to share with us in our social media communities listed below so we can celebrate with you!