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Beyond the Couch with Dr. Sally Nazari

Jul 31, 2017


We often start to learn mindfulness skills by focusing our attention on our breath, our bodies, the environment or activities. Being mindful of emotions helps us to stand back from the emotion, understand it, not to fear it or struggle against it, and it can have the added benefit of reducing the distress...

Jul 20, 2017


A question often on people’s mind is 'How much sleep do I need each night?' Generally speaking, there is no single amount of sleep that ‘fits’ everyone. In this episode, we explore the different processes involved in sleep so that we can make sure we are getting the amount and quality of sleep that...

Jul 13, 2017


After exploring how depression shows up in our lives and the ways that it can get in the way of the life we’re looking to build, we now move into how we can begin to alleviate depression.

What We’ll Learn:

We uncover some of the ways that we can get in the way of depression and get our lives back on track...

Jul 6, 2017


Depression can grip so many of us at one time or another. In fact, there are many ways that it has come over each of us. In today’s episode, we take a look at what depression is, who it affects, and what it looks like. We set the stage for some ways that depression tends to show up that we don’t typically...